Shopping Online Costs More, and Hurts Your Community.



Think about it.

When you shop the online giants, instead of supporting local businesses, you increase the potential for store closures and vacancies. With a declining commercial tax base, local governments will have to raise your taxes, and even if you rent, you'll pay more as  taxes increase. If taxes are already too high, the only choice is to cut vital services. In either case you lose, and it only gets worse as new residents and new businesses will think twice about moving to Glen Cove, Glen Head and Sea Cliff. 

But you can do something to reverse this trend. When you sign up to support your community, you'll receive great deals from local businesses in your email, which will make it even more appealing for you to shop local, whenever possible. Plus, for a limited time, you'll get a 25% instant savings coupon.

Local merchants are more than area businesses.   From offering advice to providing samples, they help to make a difference. Many also contribute to clubs and organizations with ads and merchandise. As they begin to disappear, the entire community suffers, stores stay vacant, "downtowns" become ghost towns, and new businesses stay away. 

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